Enjoy the Comedy of Cruising by Cruise Director Jamie Logan

Welcome aboard! Our two comical products are a result of many years of documenting the observations of both passengers and crew while working aboard cruise ships. If you’re already a “cruiser” you’ll certainly relate to the humor. If you’re now anticipating your first cruise you’ll definitely learn what you can “humorously” expect on your upcoming voyage.

Our Cruise Poster ($13.95) depicts a modern day cruise ship from top to bottom and features 150 cartoon gags with all different characters. People will stop and stare and keep coming back because there is so much comical content to take in. If you love cruising, you’ll certainly love this!!

Our flipping Cruise Cartoon EBook ($5.95) is immediately downloaded safe and secured directly to your computer or tablet and features a total of 208 cartoons presented with a story line about cruising. A total of 100 different characters, many repeating, will deliver all the funny things we have seen and heard over the years. We truly believe that you’ll enjoy this tribute to the world’s greatest vacation and we wish you many laughs, chuckles, giggles and smiles!

Both products can be purchased together at a discounted price ($15.95). Each features their own unique comical content – We guarantee your delight and satisfaction!

If you are ready to make a purchase CLICK HERE.

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