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Our Funny EBook!.

Comical Observations from the Dock to the Deck!

Our original and funny flipping EBook sells for only $7.95 and is a result of many years of documenting the comical observations and conversations of both passengers and crew while working aboard cruise ships. At times it may be hard for you to believe all that we’ve recorded, in fact, these cartoons still make us laugh!

There are 208 colorful, beautifully drawn cartoons to enjoy. You’ll meet 100 fictional characters who will repeat all the outrageously funny things we have seen and heard over the years. The book has a simple story line that sets up each cartoon and presents the “art of cruising.” Our book downloads directly to your computer or tablet after purchase. You can print cartoons you wish in either grey-scale or color.

If you’re already a “cruiser” you’ll certainly relate to the humor. If you are now anticipating a first cruise, you’ll definitely learn what can be humorously expected and how to make the most of your upcoming voyage. It makes a original, funny, high quality and inexpensive gift for the cruise enthusiast – old salts or newbies!

We truly believe that you will enjoy this comical tribute to the world’s best vacation and we wish you many laughs, chuckles, giggles and smiles along the way!

Please Note: Depending upon your current Internet speed the example of our EBook (below) may take extra time to load. Once loaded we suggest you click on the “full screen” icon for best viewing and simply press “escape” to return to this page.

Below are some cartoon examples. We’ve removed the dialogue because we don’t want to give away the gags, but it certainly displays our artists high quality of work! You’ll find we have collected comical content all ALL aspects of cruising! Take a look.

RTP-359 intro RTP-325 intro

RTP-276 intro RTP-368 intro RTP-272 intro

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