Enjoy the Comedy of Cruising by Cruise Director Jamie Logan

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Just want to let you know I really like Cruise Ships Cartoons!  They brighten my day.
Brad F.

When will you have more these are very well done! Love your product. Thanks.
Maggie L.

Bravo! Your product is well done and I get a kick out of it!

Just want you to know I’m liking it! 
Joe & John

Just writing to say “thanks” – We’re loving your funny little product! 
Doug P.

Please keep the fun coming!  Your cartoons keep me thinking about cruising all the time and reminds me of I some funny things I’ve heard on board. 
Kim J.

Hey, just writing to say my wife and I are enjoying this. You got a good thing going on!
Big Ed

Hi, I am sending you this note not because I have an issue but because I want to tell you I am loving your funny cartoons. Thank you!
Francine J.

I purchased this with low expectations but so far I’ve been delighted with it. Well done and your artist is great!
Tim C.

Dear Rising Tide, I’m writing to send you a note of encouragement about your cruise cartoons product. I know this is the first year but I’m doing my part to spread the word!  Wishing you best of luck for the future. 
Bridgette C.

Great idea! Love to cruise and love the fun! Good luck!
David G.

I can’t wait to see all of them. I am enjoying the story that links them together. 

Good going. Lots of fun.

We have enjoyed this. Please send us information on the poster release. Thanks.
Tanya and Tim

I think I cruised with you. You were great! Like your product too! 

Where did you get all this stuff? Please send me info on the poster. 
Nick – No Saint

We all think y’all have had way too much fun! Keep laughing! 

Where can we cruise with you! We like you sense of humor.

Too funny…
Sue C.

The best compliment I can give you is my husband liked and and he doesn’t like anything!
Beth R.

Bring on the poster we’ve made a place for it! Just let us know.
Jackie & Phil

What scares me is that people really said this stuff? OMG 

I bought this because I always liked the cruise director’s “Top 10 List.” But you have taken this 190+ laughs further! Where do you work? 
Angie is Coo Coo for Cruising

A friend of mine shared the cartoons with me. I loved them! Now I purchased both for myself!
Dee Dee Doll

I only found your site by mistake and your product is great but you need to advertise more!
Kathy with a K

Your poster is in my office and people stop by to read it EVERY DAY!
Betsy N

Your poster exceeded out expectations! – Sean & 

Well, what can I say? I like them! Purchased both. – 

You must have had a lot of laughs over the years! I always wanted to work on ships but got married too young.

You must be a cruise director. I started the ebook and couldn’t stop! Now doing it for a second time. This is a home run! 

Poster is on my wall and I’m diggin’ it!

Loved the book now I’m getting the poster – should have got it the first time!
Sarah B.

Both are damn funny!
Steve B.

I confess… My expectations were low – but now I’m a believer (ebook). Just ordered the poster. 
Sarah B.

You mentioned your poster weeks ago and I finally got around to purchasing your poster. I am so glad I did. I now have it in my kitchen and look forward to seeing it everyday! 
Samantha W.

You have a good thing goin’ on here! Best of luck!
Timmy Boy

My hubby and I read your book over and over. Your artist is superb…

Got any more coming! My wife and I love to cruise (NCL mainly) and can truly relate! Thank you.
Jake D.

Jo Jo

Right on! Great fun reading it together!
Ann & Steve

Just want you to know I got your poster on my wall and I am looking at it and smiling!

Ask soon as I walk in my front door I look at my poster and it reminds me of cruising! My friends are always looking at it and laughing. Thank you!

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